A Brief Introduction to President Office

The President Office is an administration department which focuses on the coordination with other departments. As leaders’ assistant, it takes the major and significant work of YNNU as its main responsibilities including the following:

1. It is in charge of the integrated administrative affairs in and out of YNNU, facilitating and coordinating the relationships with government departments at all levels, as well as all sectors of the society. It offers thoughtful logistics services for leaders, and promotes the relationships and co-operations among schools and departments.

2. It is in charge of formulating the procedure of document processing and relevant specifications. It is responsible for the drafts or reviews of all types of administrative documents, leaders’ speeches, all kinds of administrative papers, the organization of President Work Meetings, the coordination and recording of President On-site Work Meetings.

3. It is in charge of organizing and coordinating university-level activities, meetings, and official receptions, as well as dealing with all kinds of unexpected emergencies.

4. It is in charge of management and use of the seals of departments and leaders, and the engraving and use of seals for all the departments on campus.

5. It is in charge of statistics, report, analysis and release of the integrated index and data of YNNU.

6. It supervises over the implementation of documents issued by the superior authorities, indications, and all types of decisions and leaders’ important instructions.

7. It is in charge of the archive and filing of administrative documents.

8. It is in charge of the relevant work of Information Disclosure Office.

9. It is in charge of the management and maintenance of Office Automatic System.

10. It is in charge of letters and calls and appeals from faculty and students.

11. It is in charge of gift management.

12. It is in charge of routine work for population and family planning.

13. It undertakes and accomplishes other work for the leaders.

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