Duties of Secretariat Department

1. It is involved in drafting the documents such as the comprehensive development plan on the administration, work plans, work reports, work summaries, resolutions, and decisions. It draws up the university administrative rules and regulations and is in charge of the formulation and issue of weekly work schedule.

2. It participates in administrative meetings such as president work meetings, and deals with meeting affairs.

3. It is in charge of the organization and management of office automation and coordinates with departments such as Party Committee Office and Publicity Department in coping with office automation information in the university, offering some relevant information for the homepage of our campus network.

4. It serves as an assistant of leaders in making investigations and researches on relevant problems, providing references, opinions and suggestions for leaders in decision-making, and is responsible for editing information and writing materials such as notifications.

5. It is in charge of the management and use of the seals of the departments, president and offices, and the issue of letters of introduction and references.

6. It is in charge of the management of copy room and the printing of administrative documents.

7. It is in charge of the approval of the applications of meeting rooms on the main campus.

8. It undertakes and accomplishes other work for the leaders.

Duties of Administration Department

1. It is in charge of offering thoughtful services for leaders.

2. It is in charge of internal administrative affairs and offering thoughtful services for President Office.

3. It assists President Office in the receptions for the visiting leaders in the higher authorities and the visiting delegates from peer universities, as well as external contacts and liaison work.

4. It makes the adjustment of the working hours and the compilation of the holiday duty table, and assists leaders in the allocation of transportation fees and telephone bills, as well as the arrangements of school bus timetable.

5. It is in charge of registration, storage, maintenance and management of fixed assets of the leaders and President Office, and management of office fixed assets.

6. It assists leaders in administrative affairs of Longquan Road Campus and Xuefu Road Campus.

7. It is in charge of coordinating postal and telecommunication services, and compiling and printing office phone numbers of the university.

8. It undertakes and accomplishes other work for the leaders.

Duties of Confidential Information Department

1. It is in charge of signing, registration, transmission, reminding, archiving and confidentiality of administrative documents, with the assistance of leaders in helping with the strict check and review of the documents.

2. It is in charge of the organization and coordination of comprehensive management of the information, summarizing, reviewing and reporting comprehensive statistical reports, responsible for the investigation, collection, and analysis of the statistical information on the bulletin.

3. It is in charge of the safekeeping of confidential documents, and the receiving and dispatching, login, transfer and archiving of confidential faxes and important documents.

4. It is in charge of the filing of administrative documents.

5. It is in charge of the construction and management of database, repository and website of President Office.

6. It is in charge of the work of Information Disclosure Office.

7. It is in charge of the maintenance of leaders’ computers and those in President Office.

8. It undertakes and accomplishes other work assigned by the leaders.

Duties of Department for Letters and Calls

1. It is in charge of accepting letters and calls of our university and of the higher authorities, and reporting them to the leaders, supervising over the important letters and visits, based on the instructions of the higher administrative departments in charge of education and the leaders of our university.

2. It sets up timely, quick and effective information channels for work contacts.

3. It participates in the construction of appeal system for students, accepting students’ appeals, and taking relevant jobs of secretary, archive management and coordination in students’ appeals.

4. It is in charge of arranging daily routines for the leaders to receive letters and calls and participating in receptions.

5. According to the contents and nature of the reported problems, it submits the specific problems to related departments and is responsible for supervision over and inspection on the solutions within the deadline.

6. It is in charge of coordination work in solving relevant problems with many involved departments or major difficulties in letters and calls.

7. In accordance with requirements of solutions to the problems in letters and calls, it deals with regular statistics, sorting, analysis, and research of letters and visits, which will be reported to the leaders in time, actively proposing suggestions on the solutions to these problems.

8. It is in charge of compiling “Briefing of Letters and Calls”.

9. It undertakes and accomplishes other work assigned.

Duties of Population and Family Planning Office

1. It fulfills the following duties: studying, publicizing, implementing, and carrying out the principles, policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the National Family Planning Office, and implementing Population and Family Planning Target Management Duty Agreement signed between the superior Family Planning Commission and YNNU.

2. It is in charge of the distributions of Marital Status Certification, Fertility Notification, Birth Certificate, and One-child Parents Honorable Certificate on time in accordance with Law of Marriage and the current family planning policy.

3. It is in charge of formulating and signing Population and Family Planning Target Management Duty Agreement with the departments, and signing Informed Choice of Contraception Measures Contract with married women of childbearing age, and relevant contracts with their children, migrants and employers.

4. It is in charge of the issue of Marital Status Certification to men of reproductive age, migrants and children of migrant workers’ families.

5. It is in charge of posting information in publicity windows once a week, publishing special issue once a quarter and carrying out the activities of New Ideas about Marriage and Child-bearing into Thousands of Families and urgent street publicity work.

6. It is in charge of organizing and holding at least 4 lectures on policies, laws and regulations, reproduction health, adolescence health care and the middle and elderly health care and other topics.

7. It is in charge of the constructions of, “Two Cards and Five Accounts” of family planning and the wall chart, guaranteeing “Monthly Renewal of Information” in a complete and accurate manner.

8. It is in charge of formulating the annual plan, making the semiannual and annual work summaries, and filling out monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual floating population reports of Family Planning Committee and Family Planning Association

9. It is in charge of the preparation for and the convening of Population and Family Planning work meetings, and implementation conferences on fulfilling Population and Family Planning Target Management Duty Agreement.

10. It is in charge of writing work reports of the urgent and periodic summaries, typical materials and materials for exchanges.

11. It is in charge of contraceptives in clear accounts of revenue and expenditure, distributions in volumes and follow-up registration.

12. It is currently in charge of the work of Family Planning Association, improving accounts and registration of members’ joint households, and giving an account of activities in the study, publicity and bringing tangible benefits to people.

13. It is in charge of leading the Floating Population Family Planning Association to do the work well in implementing policies and regulations, professional training, and holding the study meeting on 30th every month.

14. It is in charge of giving out monthly notification on the issue and suspension of the only-child health subsidies to Personnel Department and Financial Department, suspension of deducting the only-child “Double Insurances”, and granting subsidies of "Three Operations”, nutrition allowances for overage-removing of contraceptive rings, and the only-child one-time rewards.

15. It delivers the notifications on the handling of the only-child health subsidies for transferred staffs in and out of the university, and deals with handover work of the registration cards of women of child-bearing age.

16. It checks and replies letters,takes visitors’ reception work, and reports the summaries of letters and visits to the superiors.

17. It is in charge of filling out Family-planning Handbook on time, finishing the secretary work of registration, classification, binding and filing of documents, as well as annual subscriptions of newspapers such as China Population Newspaper and Yunnan Population Newspaper and other promotional materials.

18. It organizes relevant personnel to participate in “Two-stage Training”, and provides the consultation and service of “eugenics” and contraception for married women of child-bearing age.

19. Based on Assessment Methods, it accepts half-year and annual work inspection and unexpected random inspection, and participates in relevant meetings and trainings organized by Family Planning Commission at the higher level.

20. It pays visits and offers condolences to the staffs of Family Planning Commission, and makes a plan to grant allowances to staffs once every half a year.

Duties of Supervision Inspection Department

1. It is in charge of undertaking and following up the implementation of important administrative documents.

2. It is in charge of supervising departments over the implementation and following up of leaders’ instructions, important work deployment, big decisions and plans.

3. It supervises and guides relevant departments over the complete success of the work in line with the arrangements by higher leading bodies and our leaders’ instructions and specific requirements in the documents from the superiors.

4. It is in charge of the supervision and inspection of other important work within the responsibilities of President Office. It is also its duty to collect and collate the feedbacks of the work under supervision, and keep the leaders informed in time with the work process.

5. It is in charge of the affairs of president work meetings.

6. It copes with the relevant problems reported by news media, teaching staffs and students, and grass-roots units.

7. It serves as the Secretariat for the leaders to take liaison work and to fulfill other work assigned by university leaders or office leaders.

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